Reimagining Mental Health In India

Touching a billion lives through technology led intervention for mental health by 2025 in India.


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Indians suffer from some mental disorder
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Indians suffer from depression
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Indians suffer from anxiety disorders
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Indians suffer from some mental disorder

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Indians suffer from depression

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Indians suffer from anxiety disorders

About Us

Founded in the year 2021, Anahata Mind Foundation is a non profit initiative of Renovis Labs that works in the field of mental health awareness and intervention. Driven by the vision that one day every Indian household will have access to quality mental health care, the foundation began its operations in the villages of Uttar Pradesh by facilitating a first of its kind mind camps towards mental well being. Anahata aims at impacting a billion lives through technology led intervention for mental health by 2025. Anahata aspires to build into an ecosystem builder, contextualizing transformation and change efforts across geographies in the domain of mental health.Currently Anahata works with over 5 partners having impacted 100+ lives through its various initiatives.

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The Challenge in India

The current pandemic situation has aggravated the mental health crisis in India. With overburdened work pressure, uncertaining in schooling and disrupted financial stability our different stakeholders such as front line workers, educators, children and adults have all been pushed to the edge.

A Pandemic within a Pandemic

The current situation will lead to an impending impact on the nation's mental health and thus its pivotal that accelerated efforts towards mental health awareness and access to care are taken by different entities.

Our Approach To Solve For Scale​

Gamifying Mental Health Awareness

We focus on building and leveraging scalable technology solutions that make mental health awareness, diagnosis and care  interactive, creative and fun.

Caregiver Workforce

We focus on continuous professional development of caregivers across different sectors in India such as  educators, community workers, youth and others.

Our Solution

Awareness and outreach drives

We conceptualize and run contextualized outreach campaigns towards breaking the taboo of mental health for diverse geographies in India, through different social media platforms for varied audience groups.


We create interactive, insightful toolkits for different stakeholders such front line workers, parents, children, youth  and education that focus on different themes such as awareness, self care, activities and support systems.

Mind Camps

Mind Camps are  physical/virtual experiences for different stakeholders designed and facilitated by mental health experts. These are designed as per the need of the audience and can be on themes such as awareness, everyday care, peer support, caregiver skills and diagnosis.

Impact So Far

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Sneak Peek into Our Community

Anahata Mind Camp
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The Mental health crisis in India is massive and diverse bringing in a sense of urgency towards impact.

Anahata aims at playing the role of an ecosystem builder.

We believe in the power of collective impact and thus aspire to forge collaborations with various organisations and individuals towards re-imagining collective scalable impact in India.


Vasudha Kapoor Mera Gaon Meri Duniya

Personally speaking, for me the idea of reaching out to our peer community to manage our mental health seems to be extremely sustainable wherein we are leveraging our existing networks for our well-being. This becomes even more relevant during the time of the pandemic. Reaching out is definitely a profound skill, and often ignored. Thank-you for underlining its importance through your session

Gauri Parate Guest Facilitator

I have always been a great believer in the importance of mental health and its awareness. Having interned as a counsellor in schools for a while, I realised just how large the gap is when it comes to our country's understanding of mental wellbeing and the stigma attached to it. Collaborating with Anahata on designing and conducting Mindcamps has been a wonderful experience! It's great to work with like-minded individuals and an organization that is contributing to the solution and helping build a generation of emotionally aware and resilient individuals!

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